10 Minute Tidy Home Tips

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Disclosure: I was provided the 10 Minute Tidy Home Tips book in exchange for a review. Regardless, I only post what I feel will benefit my readers. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Every home has its disaster zones. Mine are the kitchen, laundry room and my home office! It truly feels like an uphill battle. I can’t stand clutter, disarray, and chaos! I’m sure you also have the same frustrations, maybe just different areas of the home.

My kitchen always has cabinet doors open. I want to tie them all together in hopes that someone will close one and the rest will follow. I know they aren’t broken, I swing them shut just fine! Probably the worst area is the snack cabinet. No one can put something back in a neat fashion. It really looks like they stand back about 5 feet and toss the snacks back into the cabinet.

Kitchen Tip:

Organize your snack cupboard into family member favorites. Everyone has their favorite snack. It’s hard enough to get going in the morning without digging through the cabinet for your child’s favorite munchies. Organize your snack cupboard into sections for each family member; one for you, one for your partner, and one for each child. It’s easy to pack food for the day when it’s in one location. Another time saver : Show your family members where their snacks are and let them pack their own!

Chapter 1

My laundry room is the area that needs a revolving door and 5 washers and dryers. There are two adults in the house and I can only guess that one of us – not me – changes clothes more than a New York public bathroom door handle gets turned! I keep a basket in each bedroom and a hamper in the laundry room. Everyone actually puts the soiled laundry in them. However, they don’t separate the wet from the dry. This creates a stinky musty smell.

Laundry Room Tip:

Hang wet clothes on a two – or three – tiered drying rack. Wet clothes dry faster if they’re hung properly instead of strewn over a chair. Invest in a multi-tiered drying rack so you can dry an entire load at once. It’s perfect for delicate lingerie, wools, nylons, socks, and other fragile items you don’t want to put in the dryer. It’s also a great place to finish drying those thick towels that come out of the dryer still damp.

Chapter 8

My home office should be MY space. No one should enter unless given permission. Yet, there they are moving my stuff around, restacking, resorting, and leaving their stuff on my desk. I have come to the conclusion that sacred or privacy aren’t well-known words in this house. I wonder if the 10 Minute Tidy Home Tips could help me out.

Home Office Tip:

Arrange your desk in a way the works for YOU! Your workspace should function how you need it to function. If you do a lot of writing, be sure to leave a large area empty. If you scan a lot of documents, clear a space for your scanner. Whatever your situation calls for, be sure your desk space is optimized.

*Okay, I’m sure they meant to also mention a dead bolt on my door. – My thought on it.

Chapter 7

As I spent my day reading this book, I realized there are over 400 tips to assist you in everyday life! The 10 Minute Tidy Home covers every room in the home, garage, holiday entertaining, and even travel! What a well-rounded book to guide you in the quest to have an organized home and life. I think this would make a great wedding gift or college student gift. When you’re just starting out, any pointers can simplify life. (Especially with small living space.) What are your disaster zones?

For more helpful tips, you can purchase the book on Amazon.

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